The Boat Galley

Have you ever wanted to head off into the sunset on a boat? Maybe you’ve secretly fantasized about selling everything, moving aboard, and traveling near or far. But you're not really sure how you'd actually do it . . . Don’t worry. You’ve found the answers to all your questions! The Boat Galley Podcast contains quick bits of info and actionable tips to help you learn what you need to know about cruising: • discovering what it's all about • deciding if it's for you • buying a boat • budgeting and how you can afford it • moving aboard • gaining the skills to cruise safely • outfitting the boat • provisioning and cooking • the joys and challenges of this lifestyle Each episode is typically just 5 to 15 minutes long, so the points are easy to remember.

by Carolyn Shearlock a Nica Waters - 648 episodes

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