The LDA Podcast: An Exploration of Evidence-Informed Approaches to Learning and Development

Originally spearheaded by noted learning scientists and consultants, Will Thalheimer and Matt Richter, and originally called Truth In Learning, the updated, upgraded, and rebooted LDA Podcast explores all aspects of the Learning and Development field- validated tools and resources for better training, debunked learning models, controversies in the industry, and so much more. Now hosted by Matt and Clark Quinn (another noted scientist and consultant, the podcast will dive deeply into what makes learning and development more effective and beneficial for its end-users, stakeholders, and practitioners. Along with our monthly and general episodes, we will also offer a monthly series on AI, hosted by AI expert, Markus Bernhardt. Over the upcoming season, The LDA Podcast will: -- Keep you current with L&D research and innovations -- Unpack complex ideas and concepts -- Sharpen your critical thinking skills -- Stimulate your L&D grey cells (although this objective may not be evidence-based) New episodes will hit your feed every two weeks.

by Matthew Richter, Clark Quinn, Markus Bernhardt - 22 episodes

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