Dynamite Divorce and other matters (DDOM)

Custody! Divorce! Parenting time! Money! Disagreements over children! Custody and Divorce Lawyers Barry C. Boykin and Kevin R. Johnson have more than 50 combined years of experience. They know first-hand the court battles, psychological warfare, pain and frustration that parents, spouses, partners and children endure as disputes are resolved in the family-court system. From their perspective as Chicago attorneys, Barry and Kevin attempt to bring hope and clarity to a troubled world, where lawyers, judges and other professionals see the best and worst of human behavior on public display. Attorney Kevin R. Johnson - http://www.divorce.nu/ Attorney Barry C. Boykin - https://www.gclclaw.org/barry-c-boykin

by Custody and Divorce Attorneys Barry C. Boykin and Kevin R. Johnson - 71 episodes

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