Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning

We cover the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (for schools) and emotional intelligence training (in the workplace). Our podcast provides tools, resources and ideas for parents, teachers and employees to improve well-being, achievement and productivity using simple neuroscience as it relates to our cognitive (the skills our brain uses to think, read, remember, pay attention), social and interpersonal relationships (with ourselves and others) and emotional learning (where we recognize and manage our emotions, demonstrate empathy and cope with frustration and stress). Season 1: Provides you with the tools, resources and ideas to implement proven strategies backed by the most current neuroscience research to help you to achieve the long-term gains of implementing a social and emotional learning program in your school, or emotional intelligence program in your workplace. Season 2: Features high level guests who tie in social, emotional and cognitive strategies for high performance in schools, sports and the workplace. Season 3: Ties in some of the top motivational business books and guest with the most current brain research to take your results and productivity to the next level. Season 4: Brings in positive mental health and wellness strategies to help cope with the stresses of life, improving cognition, productivity and results. Season 5: Continues with the theme of mental health and well-being with strategies for implementing practical neuroscience to improve results for schools, sports and the workplace. Season 6: The Future of Educational Neuroscience and its impact on our next generation. Diving deeper into the Science of Learning. Season 7: Brain Health and Well-Being (Focused on Physical and Mental Health). Season 8: Brain Health and Learning (Focused on How An Understanding of Our Brain Can Improve Learning in Ourselves (adults, teachers, workers) as well as future generations of learners. Season 9: Strengthening Our Foundations: Neuroscience 101: Going Back to the Basics PART 1 Season 10:Strengthening Our Foundations: Neuroscience 101: Going Back to the Basics PART 2 Season 11: The Neuroscience of Self-Leadership

by Andrea Samadi - 337 episodes

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