Are you a Dermatology resident? Do you wish you could ask some of the top experts in our field questions like, “what do I do when I have tried everything, but a wound won’t heal?” Or, “how do I start a biologic in a patient who is pregnant, wants to get pregnant or is breastfeeding?” Then Dermalogues is for you. Dr Kerri Purdy puts the questions residents often ask to subject area experts from across Canada. The conversation is fun, engaging and casual but packed with helpful tips and thoughtful guidance. And you don’t have to just listen, you can also be part of the program. Call our toll free number 1-877 Derm-log that’s 1-877-337-6564 with your questions or with your ideas for upcoming episodes. This podcast is a production of the Canadian Dermatology Association. Produced by PodCraft Productions Theme music by Lee Rosevere Cover art by Dr Noelle Wong

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