Global Spiritual Revolution Radio is a 21st Century Global Voice of Conservatism - American Values Adhering To The Constitution - The Declaration of Independence & The Bill of Rights of The United States of America - Established Upon The Foundation of GOD & Country Through Theocracy.
The Mission Global Spiritual Revolution Radio Is To Return America Back To It's 'JUDEO CHRISTIAN ROOTS' As a CHRISTIAN NATION - UNDER GOD - INDIVISIBLE - WITH LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL.
Bishop Larry Gaiters is the Host & Moderator of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio which airs Every Sunday (6:30pm EST) - On The Nationally Syndicated GLOBAL SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION RADIO Within The United States - Canada Including Throughout The World In 200 Nations Through The WOR 710 AM The Voice of New York Network As Well As The iHeart Radio Network & The iHeart Media Group - New York City, New York.

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