From Ha Ha's to Aha's

From HaHa’s to Aha’s is a podcast brought to you by two industry legends, radio
veteran Sybil Wilkes and entertainment executive extraordinaire, Stephen Hill.  
Sybil and Stephen Hill met over 25 years ago when Stephen was the executive
producer for the Tom Joyner Morning show.  From there, a friendship developed
that has span decades and endured trials, triumphs and celebrations.   For the
past 22 years the two friends come together for a time to connect, share, get
checked and have fun.   During this time, they regularly have “Roundtable Table”
discussions where they openly and honestly share their lives experiences, hopes
and dreams from the previous years.  

This podcast will cover a myriad of discussions from politics, to health, to
entertainment, to love, to sex, to the orthodox and unorthodox way of thinking
and living.   Sybil and Stephen will open the discussion to celebrities, people of
interest and regular everyday people.