Mindful Athlete Course 2020

This time of social distancing offers a unique opportunity to experience silence and to investigate the inner dimensions of running in solitude. All of the major marathons have been postponed and many of us are scrambling to maintain our training routines without the support of our team or training mates. The 2020 edition of the Mindful Athlete Course, based on five years of research and development with world class runners and meditation experts, is designed to help you explore the dynamic between silent and moving meditation. We're introducing eight mindfulness themes (breath, sounds, emotions...) that are being taught as seated and running sessions respectively. It’s a unique format aimed at helping you establish a more examined approach to running and life in general. The goal of this course is not to make you run faster or become a better meditator. There is another game to play here and it's about exploring the nature of the mind in all of its depth and complexity. Let's bring these new learnings to our physical training and become wiser and more compassionate in the process. During these exceptionally challenging times, our mission is to make mindfulness as accessible as possible to support everyone's mental wellbeing. You can listen to the 16 sessions of the course through this RSS link on your preferred podcast player or on SoundCloud.