Earth’s shattered future. Humanity’s natural resources have been exhausted. When our planet is devastated by an atomic cataclysm, a new life emerges for a cross-section of humanity within the walls of a towering megastructure known as Tier City. A self-appointed governing body of world-leaders, called The Universal Council, control this New Earth. Tier City residents are force-fed Network propaganda by an influencer known only as The Preacher. Rachel is a young drone delivery pilot with ambitions to escape the confinement of her accommodation pod by becoming an interstellar pilot. As civilisation collapses, a select number of humans are being evacuated from Earth in off-world vessels called Bio Domes. Meanwhile, a rebel faction is plotting to attack the domes in a last ditch act of defiance. Can Rachel guide the last remnants of society in their struggle for survival, or will the clash of coexistence between Mecha, rebel faction, and extraterrestrial result in our total extinction? Follow: @CoexistencePod  Starring: IMOGEN PARKER as RACHEL HUNTER NJEKO KATEBE as BLAKE ASHLEIGH COLE as JESSIE MICHAEL MAGNET as MAX HUNTER MONICA NASH as JENNY HUNTER ANTHONY MONAHAGN as THE PREACHER WILLIAM LESTER as MORGAN, LITHIUM & THE CHEM NATASHA RADSKI as THE RARE EARTH MEDIC JAMES REYNARD as PROFESSOR KELLER CAITLIN WOOD as MOLLY JAMES KINGDON as FLOYD HENDRY JOHANNA STANTON as AGENT BRANNON MARK STEVENSON as DR COOKE DAVID HEPPLE as COMMANDER BRYCE & JESSIE JANE KNOWLES as WIKI COEXISTENCE is a COEX STUDIOS production, created by Colin Carvalho Burgess & Dominic Nangle. © 2023 Coex Studios. . 

by Coex Studios - 32 episodes

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