Nate is a clone without any memories of his previous life. “The Key” is the queen of an ice planet he’s just crash landed on. “Father” is his robot, the only parent Nate has ever known. Traverse a 1000 years to uncover the mystery of who Nate and the Key are and what they mean to each other. MILKTEA is an independent one-man-sci-fi-show made on a zero budget. Each episode is filmed in a live studio... apartment (It's funny because it's true?) and takes about 80-100 hours to produce. Still, I really hope you enjoy the story which took about 5 years to write. Listen wherever Podcasts are downloaded, today. For more info on how you can support my work, please visit, where you can get exclusive benefits in exchange for your patronage.

by Jim Figueroa - 9 episodes
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SE02 EP017 months ago
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