Encounter Party - The Legacy Episodes

Now an official Dungeons & Dragons television show, experience the first campaign that started it all.Step inside the Magic: the Gathering world of Ravnica in this Fantasy Mystery Audio Adventure governed by the rules of Dungeons & Dragons. Five Ravnican citizens, each from different guilds, have their lives turned upside down when they find a mysterious artifact; a perfect metal orb. Though its properties are a mystery, it’s somehow connected to a strange infection spreading throughout the city. Black tendrils of corruption are making people lose their minds, or perhaps giving them new ones.It’s a race against a clock they cannot see with certain doom if they fail, and all out guild war if they succeed. Prepare for a literal mind bending adventure of intrigue, mystery, and scientific mayhem! All this and more in Campaign #1 of Encounter Party!Learn more about where you can watch Campaign 2 at https://encounterparty.com.Come join the Party in our Discord server at https://discord.gg/zRTrcRv.