Self Care Spotlight

On July 7 at 4:30am, my husband Brad was in a cycling accident. He survived but with a traumatic brain injury. Since 2017 I’ve been dedicated to real talk self care, and this season, we’re focusing on one healing modality, writing, specifically, poetry. Welcome to the Poetic Healing, season 6 series. I’m currently writing my first poetry memoir on this journey, but in the meantime, I want to highlight the poets and poetess out there who are sharing the messy human experience through the art and catharsis of beautiful words. Because the world needs healing and hope and human relating, more than ever. Every week, you’ll hear a different conversation with one of today’s well-known poetry authors on poems to heal racial injustice, sexual empowerment, to using your voice, love and more. As a bonus, they’ll share some pieces with spoken word!! I am not here to be a poet. I am here to feel my feelings, and thus maybe help you, feel yours.--Find Alyssa for poetry and embodiment at @alyssakuzins on Instagram and

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