She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

She Persisted is THE teen mental health podcast—made for teens, by a teen. In each episode, Sadie brings you authentic, accessible, relatable conversations about every aspect of mental wellness. Expect evidence-based, teen-approved resources, coping skills (lots of DBT), insights, and education in each piece of content you consume. She Persisted offers you a safe space to feel validated and understood in your struggle while encouraging you to take ownership of your journey and build your life worth living. She Persisted host Sadie Sutton is a 19-year-old aspiring clinical psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. At 14 Sadie underwent a year and a half of intensive treatment (3East McLean Hospital + a therapeutic boarding school) for severe depression and anxiety. Compelled to share her wisdom and tips from her journey, She Persisted was born. A firm believer that if we’re not progressing, we’re regressing, Sadie is always looking for ways to expand her mental health toolbox and broaden her perspective on the world—and of course, bringing you along for the journey. Instagram + TikTok: @shepersistedpodcast Email: Website: © 2020 She Persisted LLC. This podcast is copyrighted subject matter owned by She Persisted LLC.

by Sadie Sutton - 105 episodes

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