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Hi, we're Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Kocak--a couple of board certified plastic surgeons at Midwest Breast and Aesthetics located in Columbus, OH. We see patients from all over the country and are dedicated to natural breast surgery options. On this podcast we will discuss all types of surgeries relating to the breast including our specialty breast reconstruction. We do all kinds of advanced breast reconstructions that use natural tissues from other parts of the body like the DIEP flap, SGAP Flap and other more unheard of procedures like the PAP flap, TUG flap and DUG flap which are all natural options used for breast reconstruction. Our team of microsurgeons is experienced in all types of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures such as breast enhancement with fat, breast lifts, breast reduction and we'll even talk about implant removal and capsulectomy. We're really excited to have guests to join us such as former patients to talk about their experiences as well as other guests to chat about their expertise as they relate to the types of things we do. We'd love to hear from YOU! Send us inquiries to Connect with Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Kocak:

by Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Kocak - 30 episodes

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