The Mom's Organization Motivation Podcast

Let’s be honest, busy moms of littles can run the world with their magical multitasking abilities, and sometimes they can use some backup! On this podcast Paige Killian, professional organizer, speaker, and mom of two, brings her elementary school teacher knowledge and organization skills to those busy moms. Her tangible advice and simplified 3-step strategy to getting organized in the style that works best for your family is served up in every episode with a side of faith and a mom story or two. Paige celebrates the organization ‘wins’ her clients experience and is there to offer tons of support when they feel defeated. This mom life can be incredible and sometimes completely overwhelming. From a playroom disaster, to a closet explosion, or a mountain of Legos & and an endless pile of mail, Paige will help you get organized in 3 simple steps, because who has time for more than that? So whether you’re a pretty organized person or find yourself riding the hot mess express train in your life, we could all use a healthy dose of organization and a whole lot of motivation! We hope you’ll find that here.

by Paige Killian - 297 episodes

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