Masters of Ceremony

Masters of Ceremony is a podcast led by New York based artist, Andrew “FifthGod” Askaripour. MoC’s aim is to merge the worlds of hip-hop, photography/film, ancient wisdom, plant medicine, and more in order to educate, inspire, and strengthen others. As a child of a Jamaican mother and Iranian father, as well as from immersing himself in the New York hip-hop scene and studying indigenous practices with different Medicine Men and Women in South America, Andrew has gained a distinct outlook on life that allows him to connect with the hearts, minds, and spirits of his fascinating guests, who are each on the way to becoming true masters of their crafts. Through sitting down with these remarkable individuals, and sharing insights from his own journey, Andrew invites you on his journey of learning, exploration, and growth. Welcome to Masters of Ceremony.

by Andrew qFifthGodq Askaripour - 31 episodes

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