Sonalee Sangtey Aika

This is Sonalee, venturing into the podcast world. Where I will be talking about mee, that’s not a spelling mistake, in fact, it actually says what exactly it’s going to be like. People like to listen to stories about celebs, but what if we tell our own stories? No fabrications, no scripts, no edit or no filters it’s all non-fiction. It will be a candid conversation every single time, a one-take sharing of thoughts, ideas, opinions, and of course gossips, that’s why I’m calling it “Sonalee Sangtey Aika”, which means I’m just going speak and hopefully you’ll listen :) So, here’s to stories and more stories! This podcast is a Hubhopper Original, powered by HashtagConnect.

by Sonalee Kulkarni - 12 episodes

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