Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta

When the country was plunged into a pandemic, heroes emerged from the dark to help the ones affected. They were not frontline workers. They were not designated to help the needy, but they still did it out of the sheer goodwill of their hearts. The ordinary citizen became extraordinary the moment a helping hand was offered. And while they did not do it for the fame, somebody had to bring them into the limelight. Residing in a hotspot of Mumbai, stranded at home, Roshan Shetty, a radio producer and presenter got captivated with these positive stories and instantly felt connected with the tribe, which he christened as Kaam Janta in his maiden podcast – Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta. A firm believer of staying full power through the day, Roshan decided to shine the spotlight on the unknown Kaam Jantas of India, who are out there risking their lives, just so that they can fill an empty stomach or send a migrant home. A year later, when the conditions improved, Roshan began featuring trailblazers such as social entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are doing their bit to help make the world a better place. Be in an architect who makes playgrounds out of scrap materials or a US-return doctor opening up employment opportunities for special children in a quaint café; Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show is your weekly dose of motivation and positivity which promises to make your day a Full Power one!

by RJ Roshan Shetty - 86 episodes

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