We welcome you to UNHEARD 2020, a virtual open mic platform brought to you by Platform for Artists and Hubhopper. Our community of artists across the country has been missing events, meetups, and open mic sessions. To keep the art flowing, Platform for Artists and Hubhopper decided to build a virtual open mic platform, UNHEARD 2020, which gives each of you a medium to share, express, and connect. Yes! You guessed it right, after the success of UNREAD 2019 and 2020, UNHEARD 2020 was born with the thought of expressing poetries and stories in your own voice. We’re overwhelmed with all your entries! And we had a wonderful time listening to all your creations and now we have chosen the Top 5 entries for the May edition. Stay tuned to this podcast to tune in to the winning entries :) We would love to know your thoughts, feel free to write to us on @platformforartists @hubhopperofficial