Karma in Relationships with Digital Gandhi

“Do not listen to this radio / podcast if you want a normal life with a college degree, simple job and have plans to get married according to your parents.” - Digital Gandhi This show is for those of you who wish to go on an adventure to unknown paths that you've always wanted to explore: whether you've ever wanted to drop out of college or break up with your GF, or if you want to start a startup. Let's take a close look at what goes on in the head of a 27-year-old single guy, from getting a 12-feet-tall elephant as a birthday gift to dropping out from 3 colleges and getting sued for trying to decriminalise marijuana; from 10.5 breakups to breaking his back while trying to break a world record, Onkar K Khullar, a.k.a. Digital Gandhi, hosts an uncensored podcast sharing the weirdest stories and answering the craziest questions that you've always wanted to ask your parents. Onkar Kishan Khullar aka Digital Gandhi 3 Time College Dropout | Author | 20 TED Talks | Social Entrepreneur | Blogger | Artist | Scientist | Speaker | Brand Creator | Philosopher | 500 Shows Across India | India's Most Dangerous Speaker ------------------------------ You can connect with him on www.goodn.shop or instagram.com/digitalgandhi Whatsapp : +919319333202