SELF LOVE IN 60 SECONDS with Megha Bhatia

Megha Bhatia is a graduate of the University College of London. She believes that finding self-love in the journey of life is the most beautiful gift one can give to oneself. Through her podcast, she aims to share easy steps to dive deep into self-love and brings onboard speakers advocating for self-love. It's time to say to yourself: Hey, Self. I love you. About the Host: A young professional completed her master's at the University College of London. She has been a TEDx Speaker Twice. She is a founder of Our Voix, a youth-led organization working on child sexual abuse prevention. She has conducted workshops on Self Love for individuals from different states in India and for people from other countries. Her work has been featured in the Times of India.

by Megha Bhatia - 179 episodes

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