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This is a podcast with over 1,95,000+ plays/ streams across all prominent streaming platforms featuring two people who are Movie & Music buffs! Movies, Music & Memories has been nominated as one of the best podcasts in the Story Telling category in Hubhopper Awards, 2021! Vignesh Sankar & Raghav Ravichandran have been awarded as a Top Fan on Sony Music South & Film Companion South's Facebook page! Also Raghav Ravichandran has over 15 articles published on Baradwaj Rangans (Head of Film Companion South) personal blog. Also one such article got prominent playback singer Karthik to send a personal note of appreciation!! Growing up listening to AR Rahman's music to seeing the talent & popularity of Anirudh we have been through all that and are extremely passionate about the movies we see across languages: Tamil, Hindi, Telugu & Malayalam. If you love Indian movies and want to hear a personal account of these movies and the songs attached to them, the memories it provides; various emotions it evokes in us like joy, sadness, excitement & thrill then this is the perfect destination for you all! We will dwell into various topics about Kollywood, Mollywood, Tollywood & Bollywood movies & music. For all people who watch these movies or those who would like to get a very precise & enjoyable experience on Indian movies, this is your destination!! Enjoy listening! Disclaimer: The songs played in podcast Episodes belongs to the original copyright owners and we do not intend to claim ownership. The songs are played purely for the purpose of entertainment and we don't intend to misuse it for any reason, whatsoever.

by Raghav Ravichandran & Vignesh Sankar - 80 episodes

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