Login To Hell - Before the Original Podcast Series

A true story about hackers, secrets, corruption, lies, sex, drugs,, prison, love, death and shattered dreams. Uruguay, February 2017: a medical provider is hacked and subsequently blackmailed. The cyber-criminal sends an email threatening to release the records of everyone on file with HIV, unless they are paid $60,000 in bitcoin. Eight months later, the police arrest Alberto Hill and he becomes the first person in the country to serve prison time on computer-related charges. In his house police find the perfect hacker’s toolkit – a myriad of credit cards, blank cards, a card writer, bitcoin wallets, hard drives, masses of thumbs drives, multiple routers, and an Anonymous mask. Alberto never denied any of the paraphernalia belonged to him, or that he hacked the medical provider’s systems. He even admitted to sending the email. But he claims he is innocent and that the crime probably didn’t even happen.

by Alberto Daniel Hill - 2 episodes

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