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Real Stories of Transgressions & Sin. Dig deep into the intriguing world of true crime & mysteries from the Indian Subcontinent. A podcast created by Actor, Award-Winning Voice-over artist, and Crime buff Sukrit Sharma. --------- Disclaimer: The following program is based on information present in the public domain. The show is for educational & informational purposes and its creator(s) don't intend to malign/defame/hurt the sentiments of anyone. While efforts have been made to present the information accurately, the creators rely on external sources, and cannot verify its authenticity. Listeners are encouraged to verify facts independently. Please note that creative liberties have been taken in the creation and presentation of the show. Any copyrighted content (if used) is done so under the Fair Use Act. No copyright infringement intended. The creators don't make any representation or warranties towards the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the said content. The creators hereby disclaim any and all liability to any party for any direct, indirect, implied, punitive, special, incidental, or other consequential damages arising indirectly or directly from access to or any use of, the content, which is provided as is and without any warranties. The listener/user understands that the content is meant to educate and inform interested listeners/viewers/readers in the subject matter covered by the content. The aim of this program is to be educative and informative, in an informal and casual manner. The creators/producers are not propagating/promoting any particular ideology/thought process/way of life and are not propagating/promoting any products/individuals. The information presented is based on multiple sources from the public domain who are solely liable for their actions and utterances and does not reflect the views of the creators/producers. The information provided on this show is for General Purposes only. The creators/producers/publishers/authors of the program/content/digital publications/ do not guarantee the veracity of any information given in the program and reserve the right to alter, amend and delete the same. The creator/producer of the content is not in any manner liable for any harm or damage arising out the use of such information by any party. The liability arising out of the use of any information by any individual/group of individuals rests solely upon such individual/group of individuals.

by Sukrit Sharma - 10 episodes

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