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Hello friends, Coco and Oreo welcome you to join us on our journey to the light and dark segments of our teenage lives, in which we discuss, give advice and talk about the major and minor mess ups we do and over think and over analyze them. Coco is a 16 year old, she prefers calling herself a zombie but for the world’s sake, she lets everyone refer to her as a girl, goes with pronouns she/her, prefers books over people any day but is trying to fit in this world like a human being. When she tries talking to people, she over analyzes every conversation and is afraid never to be able to fit in this world. She is a self proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur and a book nook. Oreo is a 17 year old, mug of hot chocolate as all she loves is being with a nice warm blanket to snuggle in and marshmallows while she over thinks and romanticizes her life. She goes with the pronouns she/her and is an ambivert. With a heart of gold and living in the twenty-first century, she messes up at times but is always here for her friends and anyone who wants some advice. We are just two messed up, overthinkers who have a dream to be a friend to the coming generation and be there for them. We are always here if you want to talk to us about anything and we are here to listen. Follow us on- Instagram- @everything.heightened Twitter- @e_heightened Discord- Server’s name- Everything Heightened’s server Email- @everything.heightened@gmail.com

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