Bumpy Journey With Therhappy

Hello! I’m Dr. Vanshika Gupta Adukia and I’m elated for you to tune in to my first ever podcast series, Bumpy Journey with Therhappy. As a Pregnancy, Childbirth, Lactation, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist & a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist I have been fortunate to be a confidante, to many pregnant women and support them through their beautiful journey of giving birth. During my tryst with all my beautiful patients I realised that there is grave negligence towards two very important aspects of pregnancy & infant care . Namely, Breast Milk Donation & A Pregnant Women’s Bumpy Journey which highlights the unspoken physical/emotional turmoil felt by pregnant women. Through my podcast, I aim to build awareness about these two initiatives that my brand Therhappy has launched for pregnant women and infants.