The Akash Garg Show

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure. We are average people. We neither know the meaning of success nor fulfillment. We avoid failure at all costs. We work our asses off in office to get our salaries. We stay at our shops to earn our livelihood. We are simple people who are afraid to see big dreams. Some of us saw big dreams. But now we are back to living in our reality. By this podcast, I plan to change your reality. No I don't consider myself as an important person. But I want to make a difference in the world. Yes, I am fired up for this. I will introduce you to some interesting people. On some days, I will speak on my own. Sometimes, I will speak in Hindi. Most of the time, it will be English. Sometimes, I will record in car with horns blaring, but I will make sure that the message is conveyed loud and clear. Other times, I will record through my professional podcast setup. The idea is to transport you to the life of your dreams - and to then expand your dreams further - and repeat. For queries, feedback, suggestions and some help that you can render to me, you can contact me at