Manish Pandey, Mentor to India's Biggest Content Creators: TIT127

Often hailed as Chanakya to some of India's top content creators, Manish Pandey shares powerful insights on life, spirituality and content creation. 
We chat about his title of Bade Bhaiya at Josh Talks, content creation, channelizing anger and how spirituality saved him.
Manish has mentored top content creators and entrepreneurs of the country including the likes of Ranveer Allahbadia. He hails from a small village in UP and has taken up odd jobs like working in a factory to call centre in the past. He is Head of growth and culture at Josh Talks. His story of growth is worth listening to and sharing.
He's co-authored an Amazon Bestseller book, Booming Digital Stars. In the book, you'll discover 11 Inspiring stories from India's creator economy.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Show Intro

01:42 Manish Pandey Introduction

03:47 Deep Spiritual influence of Grandfather

06:48  Value of Need vs Greed

10:52 Balancing hunger vs I have enough

16:30 Crazy big dreams Manish has.

21:30 Definition of Happiness

22:55 Facing your pains and uncomfortable feeling

29:28 Learning and Gathering information

33:33 Bade Bhaiya at Josh Talks

35:25 Advice for content creators

38:40 Dealing with the pressure of doing more

41:40 Developing a long term thinking

43:24 Future of Creator Economy

47:00 How to create unique content?

48:39 Beautiful analogy on Perfectionism

52:30 Embracing who you are.

55:05 Channelizing anger to something better.

59:00 What Inspires Manish?

01:01:30 What he wish he learned earlier?

01:04:20 Reading books

01:05:05 Manish's new book

01:07:05 Manish's last message

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