#98 Medical Education - 2021 SGIM Recap

How can you implement effective note taking for virtual learning? Do you use interleaving during rounds? What is the 5/10/30 rule and how does it apply to mentorship? Does implicit bias affect gender performance scores in clinical rotations? How common are biased patient behaviours? How can you foster a safer learning environment for trainees? How can you promote antiracism?

Show notes, Transcript and References: https://www.coreimpodcast.com/2022/02/09/medical-educatio…ng-core-im-recap/

Time stamps

  • 02:10 Make it Stick Virtually
  • 08:35 Mentoring in the Modern Era: More than the Traditional Dyad
  • 13:29 Clinical Update in Medical Education
  • 20:58 Anti-Racism in Medical Education: Concrete Actions to Further Social Justice and Racial Equity

Tags: IM Core, CoreIM, virtual learning, note taking, feedback, mentorship, microaggressions, gender bias, sterotype threat

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