Depression Does Not Define You: With Hannah Brencher

Happy 2021! We are THRILLED to start a new year with the one and only Hannah Brencher (@hannahbrencher) on the show. Hannah is an author and speaker who sheds light on the tough realities of life while also spreading hope into what can and will be when we face those realities. I’ve been a big fan of Hannah for awhile now and I am excited for y’all to get a taste into the real life magic she creates just by being who she is! We talk about all the things but really dive into what depression felt like for Hannah and how she found her way out of one of the hardest fights she’s ever been a part of. Depression is real, tough, and scary; but depression does not define who you are and what you’re allowed to do with your life. How Hannah lives and speaks into so many human souls is a beautiful example of what it means to know that, you are not your depression. You can learn more about Hannah and find her new book HERE. You can learn more about the podcast HERE and also follow us on instagram at @youneedtherapypodcast & @kat.defatta This podcast was produced by Houston Tilley Learn more about your ad-choices at

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