Podcast Ep 37: Oral Contraceptives

On this episode, we cover oral contraceptives. We review the mechanism of action and compare various formulations with the physiology of the menstrual cycle. We discuss various adverse effects that may be encountered and how to combat those effects. We also review the proper way of dealing with a missed-dose of an OC. Link to the article reviewing the mechanism of clot formation due to oral contraceptive : https://www.ebmconsult.com/articles/oral-contraceptive-clotting-factors-thrombosis-dvt-pe If you have any questions, reach out to us on any of the following: Mike - mcorvino@corconsultrx.com Cole - cswanson@corconsultrx.com Instagram and other social media platforms - @corconsultrx This podcast reviews current evidence-based medicine and pharmacy treatment options. This podcast is intended to be used for educational purposes only and is intended for healthcare professionals and students. This podcast is not for patients and not intended as advice or treatment.

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