Movie Popcorn Murder Trial: FL v. Curtis Reeves, Part 2

A jury has been seated in the murder trial of Curtis Reeves, the retired police captain who shot and killed Chad Oulson during an argument over cell phone usage in a movie theatre. Reeves is claiming self-defense.  The prosecution says he let his anger get the best of him. And how a jury must decide who is right.  Host Vinnie Politan and Court TV’s Ted Rowlands will look at the opening arguments from both sides and the dramatic testimony of Chad Oulson’s widow.  Get the latest updates on CourtTV and and tune in to see Vinnie Politan and the entire Court TV team review each day’s testimony on Closing Arguments weeknights from 8pm to 11pm. To see more of our coverage of the Movie Popcorn Murder Trial, click here.     See for privacy information.

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