Tesla Model S Plaid Reaction!

In this week's episode Marques and Andrew take a quick look at the top internet browsers in the world, Facebook's potential new smart watch, then some Windows 11 leaks. After that they dive into the Tesla Plaid event, what they think about the new Model S and also why they think Plaid Plus was cancelled. After that they try and figure out who on earth would buy a BMW i3! Links: https://twitter.com/wvfrm https://twitter.com/mkbhd https://twitter.com/andymanganelli https://twitter.com/AdamLukas17 https://www.instagram.com/wvfrmpodcast/ shop.mkbhd.com Music by 20syl: https://bit.ly/2S53xlC Browser Website: https://bit.ly/3wE7nS2 Electrek Elon Statement: https://bit.ly/3wE7bSO Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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