Unashamed and Untamed with Jade Bryce

Jade Bryce is a former UFC ring girl, model, and actress who has grown into her spiritual calling through lots of deep work. In dealing with her trauma

She's spent the better part of her life seeking answers to her darkness', bravely navigating through her pain and doing the uncomfortable work of sorting through her traumas, re-parenting herself, and reaching for an always illusive sense of self mastery. This wild woman is a true empath, who sees the world through eyes of compassion, speaks and walks in beauty, and is so vulnerably and authentically herself that she radiates light.

Now as the host of a top ranked podcast, she has answered her calling to be a world renowned sacred space holder and prolific healer by sharing her story of trauma.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Healing practices that can help you
  • How Jade overcame childhood traumas
  • Difference between religion and spirituality

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