#ABtalks with Dany Neville - مع داني نيفيل | Chapter 17

Adnan, or Dany as he’s commonly known, is an award-winning DJ and music producer. Anas and Dany’s longstanding friendship echoes throughout this interview as Dany talks about his life in probably the most genuine and raw conversation yet on #ABtalks. This interview was also filmed just less than 2 weeks since Dany’s mother’s passing. He talks about how he is coping with grief, and how his loss has made him relive his entire life; the good and the bad. Dany describes his life as a movie filled with overwhelming moments. With Anas, he shares details on his relationship with his siblings, father and mother, and how he had to navigate through life as an investigation, finding out truth about his roots along the way. He is a pioneer in introducing a thriving entertainment industry in the UAE, but very few know who he is behind the stage; the down to earth, humble human being. Here’s your chance to discover the real Dany; Adnan.

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