Mind Escape 3 Year Annivesary Episode #172

#MindEscape #Podcast #MysteryPodcast We sat down to discuss the 3 year anniversary of our podcast and all the amazing guests and people we have met along the way. Become a patreon member starting at 2$ a month and get exclusive episodes and content. List of all of our guests and shoutouts down below. Thank you all! We love you all! *Sign up for Indra’s Web which is the social media app we created dedicated to these topics. You will get an alert when it is ready for use. https://indrasweb.org/ *If you enjoy our podcast and content and want to help us grow, check out our Patreon account and enjoy the exclusive episodes and interviews. You can also listen to us on the go through our website listed below. Join our Discord channel if you want to chat. We are also on all podcast platforms. Our Links: Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/MindEscapePodcast Website - https://www.MindEscapePodcast.com Discord - https://discord.gg/62bHFpd Twitter - https://twitter.com/MikeEscape Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mindescapepodcast/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/MindEscapePodcast/ Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-escape-podcast/ Spotify Podcasts - https://open.spotify.com/show/0OXM81pXkn2OYT45NsoRQb?si=THFEq0SoRVqvsZzjR5xZMA Shoutouts to: Chris Emmerson Danny Emmerson Sarah Emmerson Rick Emmerson Mac John Hogan (Godfather) Andrew Tischler Ryan hay Lee Adams RN Vooght Dick Khan Matt Diedrich Paul Scholesy Alex - Natural born alchemist podcast Bernie taylor Jack Napier Laird Scranton Dreaming Jaguars (Justin and Paul) George Howard (Cosmic Tusk) Brian Keating Anthony Matturro - the daily shroom Dr Penny Sartori Martin Sweatman Ben Besley Cindy Massey Matt tiller Josh Bempechat Dr. Andrew Gallimore Brian Scott Tom lane Dr Eben Alexander and Karen Newall Chris Cottrell (Dabblers Den) Jude Currivan Seriah Azkath (where did the road go?) Darren Grimes (Grimerica) Seth Kostek James Lady Ian Jaydid Joe Moore (Psychedelics Today) Brothers of the Serpent (Kyle and Russ) Dr Gregory Little P.D. Newman Dr. Michael Masters Chris Wolford Dr. Rick Strassman Suzzanah Weiss Peter Sjostedt Sean Cahill Mike Brancatelli Donald Carroll Arthur Koopmans David Mathisen Martin Ferretti Justin Otto Anthony Tyler Alx (DMT World) Ethan Indigo Smith Matthew Pallamary Adam Bramlage Randall Carlson The Zignal Ben Holt Special Mentions: Martin (The Alchemical Mind) Sandi (Top Escapee) Rn Vooght Dick Khan Dreaming Jaguars Home Mycology Sean Cahill Chris Wolford Matt Tiller The Zignal Snake brothers Chris Emmerson John Hogan Dr. Rick strassman Dr. Gregory Little Laird Scranton Tom Lane Lee Adams Our Families My Wife (Amanda) Maurice the best friend and cohost a guy could ask for. Patrons: Matt from Delaware Abraham hooker Kris heber Lee Sean or (Sacmulder) Jeff Nash Lazerprinterjam Wendy Clear Celica Arfonia Joseph Bodnar Anne Witkowski Martin Ferretti Tim kirch Justin Dick khan Sandi

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