EP 146 Comedian Collin Chamberlin

Alex tells a story about staying with a family in Russia who had a bathroom in their kitchen. Adam tried to move Phil and his balcony friend’s relationship to the lobby level. Comedian Collin Chamberlin stops by and tells us about his new comedy special and stealing socks off his grandfathers feet while he was sleeping. He was late for school, what would you do? Collin also cut off a piece of his finger and his mother didn't take him to the hospital because the Steelers game was on. Alex got a new puppy while Adam was on the road. She named it after Adam’s mother so he wouldn’t yell. T Shirt Link https://bit.ly/3rj7fXU LINK TO ADAM’S YOU TUBE SPECIAL https://800PGR.lnk.to/ItsScaryInHereYTID ADAM’S LINKs https://linktr.ee/AdamFerrara Go Fact Yourself Feb. 100th Show Livestream with guests DJ Jazzy Jeff & Faith Salie — Wednesday, Feb. 16, 6pm PST Link: https://gofactyourpod.com/ Please consider supporting the good people who support us. Thanks for all the love! https://cruzintowellness.com/adam-ferrara Learn more about your ad choices. Visit  Megaphone.fm/adchoices Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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