"Faster Horses" & The Future Of HVAC

When Ken Gehring began his career servicing dairy equipment, who would have guessed that he would go on to pioneer some of the most important equipment to hit the HVAC market? But that’s exactly what he did, leading the charge in the development and creation of the Therma-stor product lines, which include the Santa Fe and Ultra-Aire dehumidifiers that you’ve heard us talk about many times. Join Kristof as he and Ken explore a range of topics on human health, indoor air quality, dehumidification, ventilation, building envelope leakage, and more. Just FYI, we curse a little on this episode so if you’re around sensitive ears, be sure to stick some ear plugs in them.

Disclaimer: Therma-stor has sponsored previous episodes of this podcast and is a current equipment sponsor of the show. Big thanks to their continued support the last 6 years that has kept this show going!


Ken Gehring, President Emeritus, Therma-stor

Ken Gehring is the President Emeritus and chief troublemaker at Therma-stor in Madison, Wisconsin. His career has spanned the divide between refrigeration service and engineering/product development and his expertise and leadership has led to the development of many products considered a normal part of construction in the 21st century. Ken has a treasure trove of personal stories that paint a picture of the HVAC industry’s evolution over the last 40+ years and its rapid changes in the last decade.



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2016 Risinger Interview With Ken


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