Being Deeply Introverted And Finding Direction In Life (HIA Classic)

Have you ever felt completely lost in your life? Like you didn't know what you were "supposed" to do, who you should be as a person, and what your true passion was? You can't see it, but I'm raising both hands at that! I spent my teens and twenties in a state of confusion about all of those things. And truth be told, the fog is still lifting, as I'm constantly getting to know myself better and learning what it truly means to trust my intuition. In today's episode I'm sharing the mic with Paul Colaianni - personal empowerment coach and host of The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast. Paul and I talk about introversion and finding your way in life. The topic comes by way of a listener email. In this case, a listener of Paul's podcast The Overwhelmed Brain reached out to him for advice. What you're hearing on today's show is me joining Paul on his podcast to answer his listener question. If you consider yourself an introvert, have felt lost in life, have never really felt like you know who you should be as a person, and feel like you're lacking direction, then this is an episode to tune into! Resources from this episode: Paul's podcast and website: My free tool for you, the Abundant Loving Life Quiz (formerly the Abundance Benchmark): If you want to get in touch with me to ask questions, give feedback, or inquire about my coaching offerings, shoot me an email at

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