What The Birth Of My Child Has Taught Me About Faith (It's Not What You're Thinking) (Rebroadcast)

This episode is all about FAITH, but not in the most widely used sense. I’m talking about having supreme confidence and trust in someone or something. I look at faith like this: FAITH = TRUST + SURRENDER. On Sunday September 11th, 2016, Sarah and I welcomed the birth of our daughter Maya. Through that experience I both witnessed and practiced the most humbling amount of trust and surrender that I have in my life thus far. Sarah surrendered to her body, to the labor waves, to her coaches. I trusted in our preparation, in the team we assembled, and in my ability to support. Witnessing what I can only describe as pure faith on the parts of everyone involved, I began to think about the other areas in my life where my personal faith is lacking. Where I’m failing to trust someone or something, and where I’m fighting for control rather than surrendering. This episode is all about faith, trust and surrender. I briefly talk about Maya’s birth experience, but spend the bulk of the episode diving into what it looks and feels like when we lack faith in our lives. What you’ll hear in this episode: A powerful re-contextualization of faith that you can apply to your life Examples of what lacking faith, trust and surrender look and feel like A call for you to examine what processes you’re hindering through your lack of faith

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