138: Olivia Rudensky (FANMADE) | Empowering Fans to Work in the Music Industry

Olivia Rudensky is the Co-Founder & CEO of FANMADE. She got a very early start into the music industry in a very cool way. She started by making a Miley Cirus fanpage, which ultimately led to her working directly with Miley. We talk about how being a genuine fan can make you the most qualified person to work in a role, and how we need to embrace that more in music! In addition to that, she shares a ton of actionable advice for anyone looking to get started in a career in music and the steps and lessons she personally learned.

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- Intro

8:10 - Who is Olivia

11:09 - Diving into the World of Entertainment

16:00 - Idea vs Execution

21:20 - Miley Cyrus sliding in the DM’s

25:18 - Working with Miley and Dropping out of College

27:52 -  Building on Community Helped Her in Her Career

31:35 - The Music Industry Doesn’t Know What Fans Know

35:20 -  You Don’t Need to Know Everything About Social Media

35:57 - Know What You Know and Know What You Don’t

37:11 - Why She Started Her Company

42:02 - Activating an Audience and Fanbase

45:20 - New Chapters of Life

49:40 - Feeling Unqualified

52:56 - Not Wishing For It, Just Doing It

55:20 -  How to Understand Your Worth and Skill

Olivia Rudensky: @oliviarudensky

FANMADE: @fanmadeinc

Andrew Cramb: @andrew_ftw

Produced & Edited By - Deanna Elise: @deannaelxse

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