Summiting the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain

K2, a mountain in the Kashmir region of Asia, is the second highest peak on Earth and yet more dangerous than Mount Everest, especially in the winter. But in January 2021, a group of Nepali climbers attempted to accomplish what people thought was impossible. Team co-leader Mingma Gyalje Sherpa tells the story of the epic journey on what experienced climbers call the Savage Mountain.  For more information on this episode, visit Want more? Watch the video of the Nepali climbers summiting K2, singing their national anthem. Check out Nims’s new, adventurous memoir, Beyond Possible. And learn about previous attempts to summit K2. Our article follows a couple of European teams trying—and failing—to summit the mountain.  Also explore:  Curious about those Polish climbers who started this winter climbing craze? Read Bernadette McDonald’s book Freedom Climbers. For reflections on the risks of mountaineering, listen to our recent episode about the tragic story of the late renowned climber Alex Lowe. For subscribers:  There’s way more to this K2 expedition than we could cover in one episode. For more on Mingma G. and Nims’s journey, check out our magazine story.

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