Sarah, Stage 2

“We have to go through dark moments in order to grow. To be better” Sarah is a breast cancer survivor, Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a special needs mom originally from Michigan. She first met her firefighter husband while working as a paramedic and they now live in Ohio with their two daughters. When Sarah was twenty weeks pregnant with her second daughter she was told her daughter might never walk or talk due to a condition called hydrocephalus. The first year of Meghan’s life, Sarah and her husband were living in survival mode: going to three doctor appointments a week, managing their jobs, and raising their older daughter, Addison. Sarah felt a lump in her breast while nursing Meghan and on her first visit to the doctor, she was told it was a milk cyst. Keeping an eye on it, she went back six months later and this time the doctor felt another lump. This time it was breast cancer. Sarah met her diagnosis head-on with her support system right beside her. Tune in to the Behind the Bra Podcast this week and hear how Sarah navigated going through treatment at just 32 years old, all while raising her two young kids. And listen and she shares the GOOD that came from her diagnosis, including how she learned what it means to be healthy. --- Support this podcast:

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