Ep 42: Finish What You Start with These 7 Tested Secrets

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Do you have a hard time finishing what you start?

No judgment here if the answer is yes! I used to leave projects and tasks unfinished all the time. It made me feel awful, but I just didn’t know how to change it.

You see, I’m a natural starter. That means I have no problem starting projects, trying new things, or jumping in with both feet. However, I generally tend to lose interest, change focus, or just stop projects with our completing them.

But, I knew that had to change. Not only did it not feel great and hurt my self esteem, it made me seem like a flake and undependable.

So, I set out to learn how to become a completer and finish what I started…no matter how difficult.

These are the 7 tried and true secrets l discover and now I want to help you finish what you start too.

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover:

- How to finish what you start

- The secret to why you’ve struggled in the past

- Why it’s important to finish what you start

- How finishing what you start will help you declutter your home and life

- What it means when you don’t finish things

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