Ep 31: Secrets to Building Habits for Happy Families with Hena Bilal

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Have you ever wondered how some families seem to have life figured out? Their kids follow routines and they have healthy habits established. But, no matter what you try, you just can’t stand the idea of a boring routine?

It turns out, that it doesn’t have to be as complicated or boring as it seems.

Today’s guest describes herself as “a naturally Type B person” who much prefers to fly be the seat of her pants. Once she became a mother, she figured out that wasn’t the best approach, but still struggled and resisted routines.

That was until she discovered Keystone Habits.

Hena is a millennial stay at home mom of two small kiddos and a military wife. On her blog, Mending with Gold, she shares fun, educational ideas plus resources for kids as well as smart parenting tips for raising children.

And if you have struggled with not only creating but making habits stick for your kiddos, Henna has the most adorable calendars on her website - and she is giving you one for free!

This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover:

- why we struggle with creating habits

- the most important phase in habit creation and how to make this easier

- the simple, yet effective, strategy Hena uses to track habits over time

- why Hena refuses to track every habit - it’s genius!

- the best advice Hena’s ever received about habits

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