ESPN’s Sean McDonough

Episode 346 of the "Sports Illustrated Media Podcast" hosted by Jimmy Traina features an interview with veteran play-by-play man, Sean McDonough. The versatile ESPN broadcaster talks about how and why he lobbied to get the job as the network's lead NHL play-by-play announcer. McDonough also reveals why he thought his two-year stint working with Jon Gruden on "Monday Night Football" didn't work and how his style didn't mesh with Gruden's. Other topics covered on the podcast include McDonough's famous call of Francisco Cabrera's game-winning hit in Game 7 of the 1993 NLCS and whether he feels like he should be mentioned among the elite play-by-play people across sports, his famous voice cracks. McDonough closes his interview by sharing a must-hear story about his longtime college basketball partner, Bill Raftery. Following the interview with McDonough is the weekly "Traina Thoughts" segment. Topics include the Rachel Nichols-Maria Taylor controversy, MLB's All-Star Game uniforms and a disgraceful move by MLB. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.

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