140. No One is Front Dogging Him, with Jason Holder and Josh Lalor

India bounce back from Adelaide thanks to a hundred from ‘Jinks’ Rahane and the man with a more rubbery arm than a 4th grader being tempted by a Friday night circuit, Jasprit Bumrah. The nation is in panic as Smith is officially out of form and Joe Burns has probably lost his job, but how many times can a man get out in the space of 10 balls? Net footage of Warner running twos in the nets appear online, so will his 18 Test hundreds at home start to mean something soon? There’s BBL thrillers, Kane Williamson tons, Faf-Daddy hundreds (and rigs), height based selections, and we question the balance of the ICC teams of the decade for matches that they’re not actually playing. Josh Lalor is on the show to tell us what Pat Cummins is really like, playing for 5 BBL clubs and Caribbean Premier League circuits. Captain of the West Indies Jason Holder is on the show to tell us which grade player is asking for free kit and the conversations he didn’t need to have with Ben Stokes in the IPL. #AskTGC asks about new sticks, old sticks, infidelity and greatest ever regrets. This episode is brought to you by Budgy Smuggler where you can get all of your Christmas gifts, smugglers and accessories.. USE THE CODE ‘CHAMP’ AT CHECKOUT BudgySmuggler.com You can also check out our Patreon at patreon.com/gradecricketer for more exclusive content every single week. You can also find this episode right now on YouTube as well as full interviews and cut downs of the show, if you want to like, comment and subscribe then please do because that helps us out a lot.

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