117. A Natural Vector of Disease, with Tim Bresnan, Stephen O'Keefe and Jonathan Wilson

An important announcement up top before we get into the usual rareness. Ben Stokes is set to become the 81st Test Captain of England but where’s the gritty salad that took him to the top? Mark Wood is singing ‘Jerusalem’ from the rafters while Robelinda2 reminds us of Steve Waugh’s best BBQs. Dave Warner’s doing TikToks and does hand sanitizer make the Dukes hoop? Steve O’Keefe is on to talk about great circuits, who’s good, ominous texts from people about to tell you that you’ve lost your contract and how grim it is to go from Test cricket to doing the covers for your club side. Jonathan Wilson tells us about natural vectors of disease, West Indies greats playing league cricket in villages in Sunderland and the return of club cricket in the UK after his shoulder rehab. And Tim Bresnan takes time out of his first half an hour at Warwickshire training to speak to us about changing clubs, only talking to England players and the hierarchy of peacocks..... before hanging up on us to do some sprints. #AskTGC is from all over the globe and ranges from breaking up with your girlfriend for lost love, never being as good as your dad, and hating your mates because of their stick. Feels good to be going around again.

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