The Journey to High Performance Wheelchair Tennis with Jason Harnett

In this episode the guys are joined by Jason Harnett, National Manager and Head Coach of Team USA Wheelchair. They go into depth about Jason's journey into coaching wheelchair tennis and the mission of the department. Through a discussion of his journey we learn about how he became not only comfortable, but highly competent in coaching athletes in a chair. We also get into what challenges exist, how he personally has overcome them, and the genuine appreciation he has for the resilience and toughness of wheelchair players. We hope this inspires other coaches to coach wheelchair tennis players and provides coaching ideas to help you do so in a professional manner. Episode Transcript:  Twitter: Dr. Larry Lauer - @LarryLauer Coach Parkes - @johnnyparkes1 Instagram: Team USA Tennis - @teamusatennis Coach Parkes - @johnny_parkes

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