Brady vs Mahomes for the Super Bowl, Game Stop Stock Market Craziness, a Tales from the Golf Course

Back after a holiday break we get into the upcoming super bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 and Tampa Bay Bucs.  Tom Brady playing in his 10th super bowl proves that he still had something left in the tank after leaving New England, and the Bucs will be the first team to play a home game for a ring. With all the craziness surrounding Game Stop and its stock price lately, we talk about the new world we seem to be living in when it comes to the stock market. Individual investors have never had more influence in what goes on, and the Reddit chat room "Wall Street Bets" proved that this week! During the lockdown one of the best things we have done together is play golf, we get into our latest rounds during the break on an all new Advantage Connors #23

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